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About Inspired Creative Group Inc.

We Shape Inspiration into Creative Solutions.

INSPIRED CREATIVE GROUP INC. is a graphic design and music production house founded in 2008 by established and award winning Creative Director/Designer, Sandy Peic and Music Producer/Composer, Juan Valencia.

TOGETHER, they collaborate to produce various outstanding artists, documentaries and media complete with a signature sound combined with inspired packaging and marketing collateral. 

WE offer an array of branding solutions with the mandate to partner with your company to effectively compete and excel in your chosen market through our sage strategy, original thinking and inspired design.

WE deliver unique and memorable music for television, film, video games, interactive online content and commercial productions.


I am an art director dedicated to creating strategic and affecting work. I am a story teller. Avid doodler. Continual learner. A creative leader motivated by guiding and fostering teams that thrive. Inspiration is my favourite word and I pursue it in all that I do.

Having worked with top tier agencies and corporations to small businesses and associations for many years, I have extensive experience in visual communications for print and digital, from art direction to design and production. I have driven creative projects for companies such as Rogers, Hallmark, Harlequin, Sony and Mattel, as well as for entrepreneurial start-ups.

I believe that passion, versatility, plus years of experience are my strengths. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and understand the challenges of shaping a brand and delivering it’s story. I am confident to offer whomever I work with, a top level of professionalism, expertise and efficiency.

Juan HeadShot Black and White.jpeg

I'm Juan, a bilingual (English - Spanish) multimedia professional with extensive experience in audio, music, and video production.


With over 20 years of experience, I have crafted music and audio designs for TV shows, documentary short films, and video games while producing promotional videos for various businesses and brands. 


As a multimedia professional, I profoundly understand how music and audio can enhance videos and create engaging content that evokes an emotional response from the audience. My passion for video production allows me to communicate complex ideas and emotions effectively. By utilizing my skills and expertise, I strive to produce compelling multimedia content that engages and conveys a powerful message.


I am dedicated to staying current with emerging trends and technologies in the industry and using my knowledge to provide innovative multimedia solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. With my passion, skills, and experience, I am confident in my ability to elevate the quality of content production for all my clients. 

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